Thursday, October 11, 2012

Red Days, Not Always Bad Days

Girls often refer the menstrual cycles of the month as their "red days". This has been a literal name-calling to such because of  the red color of the fluid that comes out of the body (and you already know what I mean). And with the red days coming, we often experience difference feelings. We tend to have mood swings, hassle now-and-then changing of pads, and to top it off, the phenomenal abdominal cramps. This is the reason why girls' red days are bad days.

But for the Chinese families, like us, red is a lucky color. It signifies happiness, good luck, and prosperity. We may not be the typical Fil-Chi family who speaks Mandarin Chinese at home and has Buddha images all over their place, but we still pay tribute to the tradition my father's family had.

T-ice and T-bday celeb

At home, I am called "Di-chi". In Chinese, it's the name used for the second daughters. However, we still use the "Ate" and "Kuya" for my elder sis and bro. It has also been a tradition in my father's side that during birthdays and special occasions, we would be using RED as the color of the day. So, last October 5 (for my 21st birthday), I asked my guests to wear red.

Some of those whom I invited asked me, why red? And so I told them the reason... that red signifies happiness. We often greet celebrants a happy birthday, so red should be the color! Haha!

A group photo. Most of the guests followed the dress code. Haha!

The epic cupcake toast! (me ganun?! lol)

This baby is trying to color her cutesy lips with the gumpaste cake decors! So cute and funny :)

He and She.
We were about to eat the cake decors. He actually designed the cake himself. Wow! :)

Lucky though, that my Mama and I went to Cebu the other week. We got the chance to shop for some clothes and I was able to pick some dresses for myself. I had this red dress bought, too. My birthday celeb was just the right time to wear it! Yea. \m/

Well, it was just a simple dinner... with family and friends. It was a formula of:

 beautiful people + lechon + dinuguan + some other Mama putahis + cake + buko pandan + T-ice + band playing on the background + laughter + smiles + red = happy birthday to me! :)

Us girlaloos.

Pardon the photo watermarks which say "sosweetsuzette". This blog entry was intended to be published at but I changed my mind and had this published here instead. Will find time to change those, soon. However, I still claim ownership of the photos, since I am the owner of both blogs (Exotic Expressions and So Sweet Suzette).

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